Mediation Services

Why mediate?

Mediation is an affirmative, cost-effective and responsible way to move through a divorce or resolve your conflict.

Hobanlaw offers a constructive path forward creating a settlement that works for you and your family.

The mediator is a guide who will empower you to make decisions and reach agreements that work.

It is a well-defined process which results in well-defined agreements. You end up with a positive agreement and with the documents you need.

You choose mediation because you want a practical and human way to move through your divorce or conflict instead of spending lots of money in expensive litigation.  You want a process that can actually make life better, not worse.

The following is a typical Mediation Divorce Process*:

  • You review and sign the Mediation Agreement agreeing to a confidential, transparent and respectful process;
  • You create your hopes and goals for both for your divorce, your divorce process, your future, and your children;
  • The divorce process is laid out and a timeline is developed. The filing process with the court is explained.
  • In between sessions, you gather your financial divorce documents and provide to the mediator; the mediator creates an Assets/Liabilities spreadsheet for your financial sessions; you may be asked to do a budget; if there are children, you will do a Parenting Worksheet in preparation for your upcoming Parenting Mediations.

  • Discussion of Assets and Liabilities Spreadsheet;
  • Discussion of Income;
  • Discussion of Spousal Support if an issue;
  • Beginning the discussion of settlement scenarios-the division of assets and liabilities.

  • Discussion of financial settlement continues;
  • Child Support Discussions: income and calculations;
  • Creating a Child Support Order.

  • Discussion of Parenting Issues;
  • Creating a Parenting Plan.

  • Completion of any of the above that has not been completed.
  • Review of all of the agreements and documents.
  • How to file/How to finalize.

*The number of sessions is typically 3-5 sessions; however, the number of sessions is dependent upon your unique case and the complexity of your case.  The order of sessions may also vary depending upon your needs and goals.  You may also choose to consult with an attorney at any stage in the mediation process for coaching, to get legal advice, or to review any agreements or documents.

Why me over the myriad of other mediators?


I care.
I listen.
I have experience.

Because you walk out better than when you walked in. I offer strategic problem-solving, but with compassion.

I bring my whole life experience to the table. English major. Spanish Major. Latin American Studies. Life experience in Peru, and Honduras. M.A. in Applied Linguistics. Teacher. J.D. from Seattle University. Focus on Human Rights. Commitment to Peace and Justice. Attention to detail. Understanding of the law. Cultural competence. Mediator. Collaborative Lawyer. Yoga and meditation practitioner.

All this translates to not just legal experience and knowledge, but human experience and understanding.

I share all of this with my clients.  Compassion and Results.