Collaborative Law Services

Collaborative Law Services

Collaborative Law – a respectful and amicable legal process for Divorce, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements, Child Support Adjustments and Modifications, and Parenting Plans.

Your Collaborative Divorce

Distinct, defined legal process to divorce.  Collaborative Law is a confidential, out-of-court, legal settlement process. You make the decisions ~ not a court. Collaborative Law involves two collaboratively trained attorneys, a certified financial divorce (CDFA), a divorce coach and a child specialist.  Everyone on the team is committed to your success and to ease the process of divorce.

A Typical Collaborative Divorce:

  • First, you and your spouse/partner meet with your collaboratively trained attorney to see if Collaborative Law is the right process for you.
  • Next, you and your spouse meet with the attorneys to sign the “Participation Agreement” which outlines the defined statutory legal process. You are referred to a CDFA (Certified Financial Divorce Analyst) and a Divorce Coach. If needed, temporary agreements are made.
  • Next, you provide your financial documents to the CDFA. The CDFA creates a Property Report for discussion at your next CL meeting. You and your spouse schedule a meeting with the divorce coach to discuss any divorce communication issues.
  • Next, you meet with your attorney to prepare for your first CL financial meeting. You review the report with your attorney and have the opportunity to ask questions of your attorney.
  • Next, is the first CL Financial Meeting with the attorneys and the CDFA. You review and discuss the financial report. Then you have follow up meetings to create financial scenarios to reach a final financial settlement.
  • Next, you have a collaborative meeting to create your Parenting Plan. (This can be with a Child Specialist or with the attorneys/coach.*
  • Once agreement is reached on all of the necessary issues, the following documents are drafted by the attorneys:
    • Property Settlement Agreement;
    • Parenting Plan;
    • Washington State Child Support Worksheet;
    • Child Support Order;
    • Filing and Finalization documents: Petition, and corresponding filing documents; Divorce Order, Findings and Conclusions about a Marriage.
  • Finally, the divorce is filed. You wait the mandatory 90 day waiting period, and your divorce is finalized.

*If you have children, if needed, the child specialist can play a role in assisting you in determining the residential schedule, addressing your children’s emotional and physical needs, and to assist you in any needed co-parenting conversations.

Collaborative prenuptial/postnuptial agreements

The process is as follows:

  • First, you and your future spouse/partner hire two collaborative attorneys and sign the Participation Agreement. Financial documents are exchanged.
  • Next, you meet with your attorney to discuss what you want in your pre/postnuptial agreement and the attorney provides the legal understanding for what you are creating and committing to financially in your marriage/relationship.
  • Next, the attorneys get together to create the document. One attorney drafts the initial prenuptial/postnuptial agreement while the other attorney gives input. That draft document is reviewed with each client individually.
  • Then, if needed, you and your future spouse or partner meet with the attorneys to discuss, review and fine-tune your agreement.
  • Next, upon final agreement, a signing meeting is scheduled and you sign together.

It is a positive experience.  You end up with a document that protects you and helps you both to build a defined financial future together. Contact me today so that we can effectively and efficiently work together towards your collaborative divorce.