My Collaborative Approach


  • Create an environment that drives productive conversations
  • Educate clients on the divorce process to inspire collaboration and reduce stress
  • Deliver durable agreements that prioritize my clients’ financial and emotional needs
  • Leverage network of cross-industry experts where needed to create the best possible outcomes
  • Work efficiently to minimize cost and turmoil throughout the divorce process


  • Cooperative/Collaborative Mediation process;
  • Meaningful conversations; Creative, pragmatic problem-solving;
  • Transparent, shared disclosure of documents;
  • Fair, balanced and respectful process;
  • Affordable, flexible, and effective.
  • Constructive agreements that are durable.

Collaborative Law and Attorney Representation:

  • Full team or scaled-back, needs-based approach to Collaborative Law;
  • High degree of support and advocacy;
  • Creative, efficient and thoughtful settlements;
  • Private, out of court, settlement process;
  • Effective manager of the emotional and legal process.

Peggy Hoban approach