Legal Divorce Consulting for Clients in Mediation & Unbundled Services

Legal Divorce Consulting for Mediation

As the legal divorce consulting attorney for clients in mediation, I support clients in the mediation process by advising them about the law or coaching clients to negotiate or strategize for their mediation sessions. I can also assist in the preparation of developing options, keeping in mind the needs and objectives of both parties. As the consulting attorney, I can prepare the clients for an up-coming mediation session. Unlike the mediator, who is required by law to be neutral and not give legal advice, as the attorney, I provide the legal piece, so you are knowledgeable and well-prepared when you go into your mediation session. I can also draft all of the legal documents that you may need.

Legal Drafting/Unbundled Services

If you are doing your own divorce, or using a mediator, I can provide “unbundled services”, or “limited legal representation”, or a la carte divorce legal services for individuals. Services could range from helping you to figure out how to do your own divorce, to drafting your divorce documents, or to filing and finalizing your divorce, and anything else in between! I can advise you of the step-by-step requirements of the court so that you can do your own divorce successfully and confidently.