Peggy is intelligent, persistent, and kind-hearted: all traits that she used to navigate my very challenging divorce case to an equitable settlement. I can’t recommend Peggy highly enough. She’s a great attorney.
Collaborative Law Client

Peggy helped me through a divorce I hadn’t  sought, after a 20 year marriage. She was compassionate and understanding.  She is trained to work collaboratively, and knew and worked well with my husband’s attorney. However, she was also very effective and creative in helping me meet my goals. I especially appreciated her solution for working out a way for me to stay in the home I love. We were able to move through the process to finalization of the divorce in less than 6 months, which I believe has helped our whole family.  I recommend Peggy very highly.

Collaborative Law Client

“Peggy Hoban is an excellent resource and a knowledgeable attorney; she was recommended to me for a dissolution of a domestic partnership.  I knew nothing about the laws and had many questions.  Peggy walked me through the process every step of the way, explaining and clarifying requirements as needed.  She is a good listener and an amazing attorney-she made the process smooth and surprise-free.  I would recommend her to anyone, without hesitation, and would use her services again in the future.

(Peggy was the consulting attorney for this client in the mediation process.)

Collaborative Professional Recommendations

“Peggy Hoban is a skilled and dedicated peace maker.  She educates and prepares her clients with a gentle professionalism that allows them to come prepared to create durable agreements in the midst of conflict.  I am always honored to work with Peggy.”

Anne R. Lucas MA LMHC; Collaborative Divorce Coach and Trainer.
The Evergreen Clinic, Kirkland, WA

“Peggy practices her profession with compassion and integrity.”

Sandra Barto, Attorney & Mediator
Seattle, WA

“Peggy is a creative, enthusiastic and compassionate divorce and family lawyer who empowers clients.  She offers clear, constructive advice to clients who consistently find her to be attentive, thoughtful and compassionate.  By using her knowledge of the law and simultaneously helping her clients focus on their needs, she helps clients come up with durable agreements that meet their objectives.  Peggy maintains ethical professionalism and I look forward to working with her on cases in the future.”

Debra Synovec, Mediator
Seattle, WA